Why choose Total Motion as your fleet management company?

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Why choose Total Motion as your fleet management company?

At Total Motion we work in partnership with our clients to become an extension of their business and deliver complete solutions to their fleet management needs.

But why choose us?

Here are some of the key reasons:

  • As a fleet management company our core business is management
  • We are in the FN50 – The Fleet News list of the UK’s biggest leasing and fleet management companies
  • We have a proven history of delivering cost savings and resource solutions
  • We are totally focused on supporting our clients at every level
  • We are dedicated to achieving the objectives set by our clients
  • We use least-cost routing (LCR) for all our products and services
  • We have an extensive approved and monitored network of suppliers
  • We are committed to a policy of complete transparency throughout
  • We are constantly developing cost and resource synergies
  • We use dynamic purchasing methods
  • There is no conflict of interests – we don’t put our own profits before saving you costs

In research carried out by Berg Consultants, the number of businesses looking to completely outsource their fleets to a fleet management company is growing at its fastest rate, with more than 30% already outsourcing and a further 60% exploring the benefits.

We believe that Total Motion is the only option for those fleets that require a genuine outsourcing partnership.

Our Philosophy

Just as your business has its own USP or point of excellence, so do we – Fleet Management.

Our experience of managing fleets in every business sector has taught us that effective fleet management develops from true partnership working between fleet operator and fleet management provider.

While cost control remains a key factor, operating and resourcing a fleet has become more complex and critical to get right. To ensure we do the best job possible, we work with our clients to deliver comprehensive management solutions that suit the specific requirements and priorities of their business.

We are passionate about delivering the right solutions and getting results for our clients – with our main focus always on representing clients’ interests. These fundamentals are at the core of the service we provide.

Although we advise big-name global fleets and work with many different shapes and sizes of organisation, all our clients receive the same level of support, attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Regardless of whether your vehicles are a recruitment and retention tool, serve as a cash allowance or are quite simply essential to your business, a fleet is a support function; a means to an end.

It is, nonetheless, a function that must be managed properly, so appointing the best fleet management company you can find is vital to your corporate health.