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Fleet Management Benefits At A Glance

Clear & Simple Communication

The Total Motion Communications Hub is simple, secure and easy to use. It is fully tracked and auditable, minimising the need for calls or emails. It is compatible with telematics platforms and ensures all requests are ticketed and tracked.

Online and Offline Functionality

One of the great benefits of our Hub is the fact you get all the functionality of an app but with the capability to be used on all types of devices, including desktop – regardless of connectivity. So, if you’re working offline the Hub will still store requests and updates until it’s back online.

100% Compliant

Our Hub helps your business to comply with operator licence legislation, allowing drivers to do live safety checks on their vehicles and much more. The Hub complies with MOT, HSE and all legislative requirements on fleet management.

Risk Tracker & Real Time Data

The Hub will create a risk score to help you keep track of your fleet performance and overall safety. It also offers real time defect reporting and communication.

Grey Fleet Management

If you need grey fleet management support, the Hub will give you everything you need to keep track including mileage submissions, insurance and road tax management, service and maintenance monitoring and compliance, vehicle condition reports plus policy agreements.

Fleet Administration

Within the Hub, you get access to a wide range of fleet administration tools including vehicle condition reporting, mileage and utilisation management, parking and permits, tolls and tags, fuel card management plus many more.

If you’re looking for any of these fleet management solutions, you need the Total Motion Communications Hub…

  • A comprehensive fleet communications system
  • Complete fleet management software
  • Fleet compliance & peace of mind
  • A useful fleet management app
  • Grey fleet compliance software
  • Driver management software & driver risk management software
  • Fleet defect management
  • Total fleet maintenance management

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What are the benefits to my business?

The Total Motion Communications Hub offers a complete, streamlined approach to fleet management. We can help your business reduce costs, improve communication, improve data quality and ensure total compliance and peace of mind with your fleet.

How much does it cost?

The Total Motion Communications Hub is currently free for all existing customers. For new customers, the Communications Hub will be automatically included in the fleet management service you arrange with us.

How is this different to what else is already available?

We have invested to deliver a market leading fleet management communications tool that sets us apart from the competition. We have over 25 years’ experience in fleet management and there is no other fleet management company currently offering such a comprehensive fleet solution as the Total Motion Communications Hub.

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