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Total Motion drives ahead with new product innovations for 2019

Since taking on our first fleet management client more than 20 years ago, Total Motion has quite literally been an industry driving force.

In fact, we have delivered more actual savings for our clients than any other provider in the vehicle management sector, and we are the only company who provides a guarantee.

As a business which has achieved prominent industry firsts, we are always keen to innovate, and 2019 will be no exception.

During the next 12 months, Total Motion will be rolling out a number of new and exciting products – all of which are designed to meet the changing needs of fleet management in the UK.

Our new products include:

  • Van Manager – A specific funding and management product for vans
  • Mobility Card Solution – A solution to replace fuel cards and offer the ability to pay for other items such as trains and taxis
  • 12-month Non-Regulated Employee Car Ownership Scheme – Based on an ECOS scheme, this is a zero BIK option for company car drivers
  • 3-12-month Flexible Lease – A solution for temporary cars for between 3-12 months

Simon Hill, Total Motion managing director, said: “In recent years our innovative products such as multi-bid leasing, no-cost fleet audit, road charging and toll management, hybrid leasing and Actual Whole Life Costs, have allowed us to deliver a minimum 18% reduction in fleet cost for every single Total Motion client. All told, we have saved our clients more than £240 million.

“This commitment to finding workable, cost-effective solutions for our clients is what continues to drive us forward.

“The far-reaching environmental and economic challenges currently facing our industry are well documented, and as a business we are constantly looking at proactive ways to address them.”

To find out how Total Motion can help you with your fleet, please contact Lee Cobb, Total Motion’s national business development manager at or call 07590 881722.