Fleet Driver Training & Assessment

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Fleet Driver Training & Assessment

Total Motion has developed a seamless system driver from our driver compliance portal to support our clients in making the right decisions on the best approach to Fleet Driver Training & Assessment.

Many of our clients, in particular those with large numbers of drivers, gather information regarding fleet and driver performance from several sources. To be effective there is a need to bring the information and statistics together to provide meaningful management reports enabling informed decisions to be made – for example, driver training requirements based on a driver’s operation and actual experience.

This is all achieved via our driver compliance portal.
Driver Authorisation

DVLA Licence Verification.

Vehicle Authorisation.

Document expiry & reminders.

Online driver assessment 8 modules.

On road assessment & training.

The applications interface with any number of the customer’s suppliers to provide a central portal for gathering. Analysing and reporting key statistics and data, based on customer designed performance weightings and ratings.
This has proved vital, enabling customers to deliver focused training and improvements in areas where a significant need has been identified based on actual driver performance.

Total Motion keeps up to date with RoSPA and their fleet safety practices at all times.