Driving Licence Checking Data Verification

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Driving Licence Checking Data Verification.

Driver Authorisation, Driving Licence Validation Programs.

In 2010 TMVM developed our online driver authorisation system to simplify the process and make record keeping more effective. Our online portal features an automated process that provides our clients with a simple and robust way to authorise, drivers, vehicles, check licence validity and grey fleet compliance and renewals.

Employees simply log on via a secure portal and follow the instructions. All the data provided is then held within our system.

Driving Licence Checking Data Verification Portal.

Our Driver Portal is a secure, fully controlled and managed driving licence checking and data verification program that provides online results directly from the DVLA driver database. The system verifies an individual driving licence record and status with enquiry results uploaded directly to our customer Fleetwave dashboard in a secure web based application that retains all the reporting and management capabilities of the normal Fleetwave system.

The only paper required being a signed Data Protection Mandate.

Within the portal drivers/employees download and complete a DVLA DP20 mandate which is used to check their licence.

Other data verified via the portal is

  • Business insurance for grey fleet
  • Driving history, endorsements, accidents etc.
  • MOT & Road tax for grey fleet
  • Vehicle history. Inc. maintenance, accidents etc.

The portal also includes the option for your drivers to take part in an online risk assessment with targeted training modules based upon their score.
At implementation we can agree the logistics of either putting all drivers through the authorisation process straight away or setting a timetable based upon the legacy system that is being replaced.
Once authorised and in the system the updating and validation process becomes automated based upon the checking and validation program that we agree with our clients. Our customer support team make contact with those drivers who are required to either provide updated information or have their licence re checked. The results of this are shown within your monthly report or once set up on your customer web portal.
When we consider driving licence checks we recommend that our clients follow an annual validation program with those who are deemed at high risk either through AWLC data, previous convictions or accident rate going through the system every 6 months.

Driving Licence Checking Data Verification is an important process to any fleet.

Department for Transport research concludes that over 553,000 hours per month are spent on the road by unlicensed drivers. Industry statistics show that nearly one in three of all drivers covering business mileage have penalty points on their licence. Every day, drivers’ licences are revoked with or without their knowledge. The photo card driving licence introduced in 1998 has a ten year validity. Those issued in 1998 started to expire in 2008.

Over 80% of drivers holding these licences are unaware that they expire.