Fleet Management Logistics & Vehicle Movements

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Fleet management logistics & vehicle movements

A consequence of fleet management is the need to move vehicles from one location to another. With Total Motion’s fleet management logistics and vehicle movement procedure, this becomes a simple task.

Our vehicle movement service deals with this easily and effectively. Its benefits include:

  • More than 2,000 drivers across the UK – all vetted and trained to a standard level
  • 95% same-day collections completion and 100% completed within 24 hours
  • No turn down
  • Seven days a week availability

More than 50% of our drivers are trained to complete vehicle and equipment collections for situations where employees leave their jobs and vehicles/equipment therefore need to be collected from home addresses.

In addition to the transport aspect of vehicle movement, our clients can choose from a number of options that simplify the process.

These comprise:

  • Video inspections of vehicles
  • Reallocation between drivers
  • Equipment audit and collection
  • Electronic storage of condition reports for the life of the vehicle
  • Zero tolerance condition requirements
  • Inspection documents including refurbishment costs

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