Transition Management, Legacy Fleet & Suppliers

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Relationship & Supplier Management

With over 19,000 approved suppliers, 200 clients and 350 indirect suppliers Total Motion have to manage relationships and form strategic partnerships with suppliers, some of whom are actually competitors.

These relationships enable us to take over the management and control of a fleet at any point and to deliver results.

Managing Legacy Fleet & Arrangements

As starting with a blank canvas is almost impossible Total Motion have developed the skills and processes to enable us to take over any fleet at any point within its life cycle and either continue with existing arrangements or develop new ones and then manage through the transformation.
As no two clients are the same Total Motion are flexible enough to be able to deal with any requirement in terms of a client’s operational needs.

Fleet Management Implementation & Transition

To ensure the transition is as smooth as possible we establish with our clients a comprehensive implementation plan including a full time table.
This starts with us completing a Fleet Audit, where we collate all the details on the format and processes that the business has for managing the fleet from every perspective.
From this we provide a clear pathway for the handover.