Green Fleet Management & The Environment

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Green Fleet Management & The Environment

Green Fleet Management & The Environment is a growing concern which is why Total Motion work with our clients to create and develop an environmental policy and strategy for their fleet. This is focused upon ensuring that decisions are made for the right reasons at the right time based upon the requirements of the individual business. Using our AWLC system allows our clients to have full visibility on their environmental impact/carbon footprint and presents options around improving the management and reducing emissions.

Our green fleet management solutions look at:

  • Vehicles.
  • Drivers.
  • Journeys.
  • Carbon footprint.
  • Business operation.

Across our client base we currently manage:

  • Hybrid vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Car sharing schemes.
  • Integrated logistics.

Going Green

The combination of our close partnerships with clients, and unique tried and tested technology makes Green Fuels ideal for organisations looking to generate biodiesel on-site. Green Fuels offer an outstanding range of benefits.

Tesla is one of the leading manufacturers of Green vehicles, and a company that Total Motion works very closely with.

The UK government is at the forefront of environmental issues and their website has a lot of useful information on how to become more green.