Fuel Management

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Fuel Management

Total Motion have since 1998 operated a proactive fuel management program that has supported our clients to achieve millions of pounds in fuel savings. However, fuel management is not just about saving money. The original basis for fuel management was to provide a more effective administrative function for buying fuel. However, due to the pressure on costs this developed into much more.

Fuel is, typically, the second largest fleet cost after depreciation and is often neglected when it comes to budgetary control. However, fuel management and controlling these costs is simple through Total Motion.

Our approach is based around working with the appropriate fuel/fuel card suppliers to ensure that we find the most efficient solution for our clients

  • Cost Control.
  • Operational Effectiveness.
  • Administration.
  • Security.
  • Reporting/Data.

Our suppliers and solutions include

  • Single card.
  • Multi card.
  • Card plus bunkered.
  • Platts + & bunkered.
  • Platts + & own tanks.
  • Platts +, own tanks, bunkered & multi card.
  • Allstar.
  • Esso.
  • Fleetcor.
  • Harvest.
  • BP.
  • Texaco.
  • The Fuel Card Agency.
  • Energy UK Fuels.
  • Shell.
  • All Supermarkets.
  • KeyFuels.

All of this is managed by the Total Motion team.
As part of our initial audit Total Motion will create a fuel management program that delivers the most cost effective and operationally beneficial system while ensuring that the administration remains simple and easy for all.
This includes a number of solutions from our partners that allows drivers to track and report upon their private mileage online.

Fuel Management Analysis Report – Example

This report shows how a driver and vehicle perform in comparison to other vehicles both on your own fleet and others fleets using the Arval card and our AWLC system
fuel management - analysis report example

Performance Analysis
Within range 0
Outside range 4

We also offer comprehensive online management reporting, enabling you to immediately track transactions by vehicle or by cost centre.

Our Partners

Total Motion use a wide variety of the market leading fuel card providers, companies such as Key Fuels, Fuel Genie & allstar.