Fleet Outsourcing

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Fleet Outsourcing

For clients who are looking to outsource or those without dedicated and experienced in-house resources, Total Motion can take control of all the key fleet operational and administrative functions, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency with fleet outsourcing.

Our Fleet Management services can include:

  • Consultancy & Special Projects.
  • Purchasing and disposal.
  • Vehicle Funding.
  • Fleet database management.
  • Procurement management.
  • Fleet administration.
  • Daily car and van rental.
  • Road fund licence renewals.
  • Parking and fines administration.
  • Invoice and transaction administration and validation.
  • PSV & HGV operator licence management.
  • Driver support and training.
  • P11D & P46 data provision and taxation advice.
  • Health & Safety and Duty of Care Compliance.
  • Grey fleet management.
  • Fleet management software.
  • Vehicle tracking and communications.
  • In the last 10 years our consultancy and project management has delivered in excess of £190M in cost, efficiency savings and operational enhancements.
  • For any business with 150 or more drivers it will be more cost effective to outsource fleet management.
  • Total Motion are the UK’s leading fleet management outsourcing provider.
Having visibility on the real cost and level of resource afforded to managing a fleet is the key to the decision making process.

By bringing in a fleet management supplier with the right skills and infrastructure you can deliver better results more consistently.

There is nothing the internal resource could provide that cannot also be delivered by the outsourced supplier.

Fleet Outsourcing allows for customers to take a more passive approach to their fleet whilst allowing a company with years of experience specialising in the field to be at the front of the management process.

The cost is of fleet outsourcing is £4500 per annum.

The positives of Outsourced Fleet Management are:

  • Cost.
  • Improved results.
  • Knowledge & Ability.
  • Transparency.
  • Access to systems and data.
  • Unlimited resource.
  • Supplier base & management.
  • Procurement systems & procedures.
  • Flexibility to adapt to change to the market quickly.
  • No personal preconceptions or loyalties.