Fleet Management Procurement Least Cost Routing

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At Total Motion we believe least cost routing (LCR) is key to cost-effective, value-for-money fleet management procurement.

So, before we buy a product or service for our clients we ensure that we have the processes, systems, quality controls and agreements to purchase or secure them at the lowest possible price.

These rates are enhanced by the combined purchasing power of our vehicle base and through sharing savings across all our products and services.

Our LCR policy applies to:

  • Vehicles – new and used.
  • Vehicle leasing and finance.
  • Service maintenance and repair.
  • Body and smart repairs.
  • Vehicle rental.
  • Technology and tracking.
  • Fuel cards.
  • Training and compliance.

When we benchmark our LCR performance, the improvements seen in our clients’ own fleet purchasing and that of our competitors, range between 14% and 34%.

During the past three years this model has been audited by several of Europe’s leading procurement organisations on behalf of their clients.

Their audits have confirmed what we already knew – that Total Motion is delivering significant improvements for clients and is ahead of other fleet management providers in saving businesses money.