Fleet Maintenance, Service & Repair

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Vehicle service, maintenance and repair (SMR) always represents a high proportion of fleet costs, so Total Motion has developed a choice of options to help you reduce spend, improve quality and manage fleet maintenance more effectively.

Working with Total Motion to manage your fleets SMR will reduce cost and improve efficiency by a minimum of 18% pa.

Supporting the driver

To deal with the management of vehicle SMR (Service, Maintenance & Repair) Total Motion have our Driver Support team which delivers a central management and booking facility that is tailored to meet the individual requirements of our client’s and their drivers.

In practice, drivers contact the driver support team who make whatever arrangements are required, from booking a service to reporting an accident, arranging recovery or asking advice. Our team provide a complete support structure so that nothing is left to chance and no driver is ever left to fend for themselves.

Our SMR Management process is the most effective within the market place when you compare the 4 main factors of fleet maintenance:

  • Cost
  • Driver downtime
  • Communication
  • Control

SMR savings are delivered in six ways:

  1. Negotiating competitive terms with suppliers
  2. Managing warranty, Manufacturing faults & Component failure
  3. Selecting the right supplier for every job
  4. Analysing every job and every penny of spend
  5. Supporting drivers and keeping them on the road
  6. Not receiving a rebate or uplifting the charge

We actively encourage and promote reliance upon our driver support team by our clients and their drivers in so far as whenever they need even the smallest item, or have a question about anything to do with a vehicle they contact driver support who are there to help and make arrangements for them.

The basis of our solutions is to reduce the expenditure and number of man hours afforded to vehicle maintenance and operation; this should be viewed from the following perspectives:

  • Actual cost of service, maintenance and repair (SMR)
  • Man hours lost by the business
  • Resource on day to day SMR & related issues
  • Technical ability
  • Fixed costs
  • Administration
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Complete Driver Support Facility
  • Nationally agreed rates for labour, parts, tyres, glass and lubricants
  • A national premier supplier network using manufacturer’s agents and independent repairers
  • Guaranteed service – collect & deliver, courtesy cars etc
  • Central reservations for SMR booking, Phone-Email-Text
  • One support & assistance line
  • Defect & Fault Monitoring
  • Consolidated invoice for all expenditure
  • Professional SMR authority and warranty control
  • Hire vehicles nationwide within 2 hours
  • Dedicated recovery service
  • Detailed reporting on usage and spend
  • On site maintenance
  • MOT reminders & scheduling
  • Manufacturer & Warranty management
  • Safety recall’s notification, scheduling & management
  • Mileage checks, service history checks, service reminders and SMR scheduling
  • Vehicle status checks and scheduling
  • On Line booking facility
  • A single phone number, website and email address for arranging SMR
  • A branded driver web site featuring an online driver guide and booking facility
  • A driver reference guide to be kept in their vehicle
  • An electronic driver guide sent by text/email
  • Access to over 9,000 vetted and approved suppliers across the UK where all they need to do is quote their vehicle registration and confirm it is a Total Motion vehicle

When we mapped our drivers to suppliers in February 2013 no driver was more than 3 miles from an approved supplier.

Paying for SMR via Pay on Use

With pay on use, you pay a nominal annual fee and then each product and service is charged as you use it.

This option has by far the lowest cost in terms of both direct costs and cash flow. The format and support for the client is the same as other options it’s just the payment method that differs.

As budgeting is key to many fleets Total Motion provide either a monthly, annual or total life budget. These are calculated using our AWLC system which has a maximum variance of 3% to deliver the accuracy required.

Pay on use SMR will reduce spend by 20+%

Shared Profit SMR Management

You pay a fixed monthly cost based upon a term and mileage this includes

  • All routine servicing and repairs
  • All maintenance & repairs due to fair wear and tear
  • All tyre replacement due to wear and tear and puncture repairs
  • All Batteries & Exhausts due to fair wear and tear
  • MOT tests and repairs
  • Road fund licence
  • Recovery package with home start, relay, roadside and 48 hour courtesy vehicle
  • Vehicle status & scheduling
  • No excess mileage option

The two most important benefits of shared profit fleet maintenance are that;
At the end of the period we calculate the amounts paid and spent, and if we have spent less than you have paid we share the surplus with you (90% client and 10% Total Motion,) we are then responsible for any overspend subject to mileage.

If the actual spend does not exceed the budget then there is no additional cost regardless of the mileage. So it is possible that a car contract for 50,000 miles could cover 100,000 miles without additional cost.