Fleet Driver Operational Support

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Experience tells us that a properly supported and well informed driver has the lowest pence per mile vehicle cost – and by improving support and communication offered to drivers, overall fleet costs are reduced.

With this in mind we focus heavily on supporting, informing and managing drivers though our fleet driver operational support procedure.

Total Motion will create and then manage an individually-structured and branded fleet management and fleet driver support mechanism.

Your fleet management solution means that Total Motion will:

  • Become the first/main point of contact
  • Manage all fleet related matters and suppliers (Including any existing arrangements)
  • Set up a vehicle replacement process/system
  • Provide a branded and personalised driver support website
  • Communicate on a regular basis with drivers (every 12 weeks)

This will, in turn:

  • Support the management team
  • Support the drivers and keep them focused on core business
  • Deliver accurate and purposeful management information
  • Provide clarity, transparency and understanding at every level
  • Allow 100% focus of resource on core activity
  • Put forward fleet development strategies and synergies
  • Reduce the overall cost of the fleet
  • Provide an effective, simple and proactive fleet management structure that deals with every eventuality

Clients and their drivers are supported by a dedicated management team that works for them using our unique fleet driver operational support procedure, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

This approach allows us to drive efficiencies, monitor usage and provide the required support when and where it is needed via one phone number, one email address and one website.

Fleet Driver Operational Support Personalised Portal

For each of our clients we build an individually branded driver support website, below is an example.

This home page features various policy related documents and can be personalised to meet almost any requirements.

Drivers simply click on the product or service they need to find all the required information and guidance.

Driver support site
driver support site
There are several levels of personalisation available for different operating businesses or cost centres/departments.

All driver support sites are secure and password-protected.