Accident Management

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The way in which accidents are handled varies from client to client, with businesses having their own different internal systems and insurance profiles.

To meet individual need we develop solutions on a client by client basis so that varying circumstances and differing operational and business requirements are taken into account.

Our approach to accident management means Total Motion is the single point of contact for our clients. We manage each incident and deal with drivers, suppliers, insurers and insurance brokers, repairers, third parties and uninsured losses.

Most importantly, we ensure that every aspect of the incident is handled correctly and recorded with care – with costs kept to the absolute minimum but drivers remaining mobile. We work with our clients to put in place a system that is simple and effective.

How our accident management system works when an incident is reported:

When an incident is reported to a member of our driver support team, he or she will then:

  • Assess the incident
  • Log the incident onto management systems, if required
  • Arrange recovery/replacement vehicle/onward travel
  • Gather as much data relating to the incident as possible
  • Assist the driver with reporting the incident to the authorities etc.
  • Make phone calls on behalf of the driver to his or her employer/a family member or nominated contact
  • Complete the incident report form - FNOL
  • the legal and civil proceedings position
  • Email the designated customer contact to report the incident
  • Establish how the incident and repair should be managed and set the incident plan and conclusion period.
  • If required report the incident to the insurer and ULR administrator
  • Arrange for inspection/estimate on vehicle
  • Check that all evidence and witness statements have been received.
  • Monitor and follow up all parties.
  • Assess the time plan.
  • Arrange repairs via the approved insurer or Total Motion suppliers

For non-fault incidents, once phase one of the incident is complete, Total Motion will then arrange for all losses and costs to be recovered from the third party via uninsured loss recovery.

Total Motion handles invoicing and payment to and from all the parties and reports the incident to the client’s health and safety manger/department.

This process can be put in place within weeks to cover the existing fleet and can be adapted and structured to address individual requirements.

Our Partners

Total Motion is proud to partner to Rospa – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, The AA & RAC and Brake – The road safety charity