Fleet Management Reports

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Fleet Management Reports

When it comes to fleet management “knowledge is power”. However, it is often the case that to gain the knowledge involves allocating resource which many businesses don’t have.

This is why Total Motion have taken a different approach to data and fleet management reports. So rather than sending reams of paper or large spreadsheets we only provide the data you need when you need it and in a simple and easy to read format.

However, before we submit this, our team review and analyse the data from every angle and we provide proactive recommendations, notes, guidance and options on what the data means, what action is required, the consequences and benefits, and then an implementation plan.

We can report on any recorded data, however the main areas are:


  • Spend V Budget.
  • Excessive Wear.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Operating conditions.
  • Pence per mile costs.
  • Driver induced failure.
  • Driver neglect.
  • Mileage.


  • Who, When & Why.
  • Training & Assessment Requirements.


  • Compliance.
  • Effects.

Accidents & Damage

  • When, Where & Why.
  • Cost.
  • Fault.
  • Prevention.


  • Usage.
  • Options.
  • Cost.

These can then be presented by

  • Driver Vehicle.
  • Division or Department Mileage band or usage.
  • Job/Role.

Figures and data are then shown month by month, and cumulatively.

You can set your own report structure, format and frequency and can deal with almost every request.

Vehicle Telematics.

Our system can import data from all of the main telematics systems so that this can be referenced against all other fleet data.

This includes mileage, idling, speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and aggressive cornering.

Report Format.

Clients can select their own format for fleet management reports. This can be presented by driver or vehicle, department or cost centre or even job role. Drivers and vehicles can then also be grouped by mileage or usage type.
Once this has been set up figures and data are then shown month by month, and cumulatively.
From November 2015 Total Motion are providing their fleet management clients with a live dashboard that offers on demand reports from live data. This dashboard also features the option for reports to be automatically produced and delivered at the same point each day, week or month.

Total Motion believe that this latest development takes their reporting capability into a class leading position.

Fleet Management Reports Platforms

At Total Motion we use several software platforms to allow for the collation of as much data as possible. Also allowing for each report to be completely tailored to each customers needs.

Suppliers of these platforms include: