Driver Management Portal

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Driver management portal – grey fleet management tool

In line with the ongoing development of its online fleet management tools and services, Total Motion has developed and launched its first fully integrated online grey fleet management tool

Simple and easy to use, this system gives clients and their employees one central point that links to and feeds internal and external data requirements such as approval lists for HR and payroll.

Employees just go to their company driver support page and select the driver portal from the menu, enter their password and complete the relevant sections, which consist of:

  • Driver authorisation – existing or pre-employment
  • Vehicle authorisation
  • DVLA licence check
  • Insurance verification
  • MOT validation
  • Maintenance history submission
  • Complete online driver assessments

Once completed, employees are given a “driver authorisation number” that remains with them.

The data from this portal feeds directly into Total Motion’s Fleet Connect system which creates the clients’ specific reports. For example:

  • Payroll report – List of authorised drivers who can claim vehicle related expenses
  • Driver or vehicle status changes – Where a vehicle, driver or both have a change in status from authorised to unauthorised or vice versa
  • Driver risk report – List of drivers and their risk rating
  • Compliance failure – Any driver or vehicle compliance failures and reasons
  • DVLA licence status – Details points, convictions, and validity dates and future verification schedule

Clients can request bespoke reports at any time.

Once a driver and/or vehicle are authorised and within the system they are automatically contacted whenever they are required to log in again or update any information.