Fleet Connected Software

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Fleet connected software

Total Motion’s fleet connected software is at the forefront of fleet management systems and is designed to deal with any client structure or project.

Our system

We created our system to manage and control every data source related to every single fleet activity so that clients no longer need to purchase or operate their own fleet software.

This saves clients both time and money and allows them to share in the ongoing development of the system through the Total Motion client base.

Our current system is supplied by Jaama Ltd. a local company specialising in fleet management and leasing applications.

Web access to the real time management tool assists with administration and gives greater visibility on the fleet via:

  • Easy read screen view/design
  • User defined KPIs
  • Vehicle ordering
  • On-demand reporting
  • Live fleet lists by cost centre and driver, featuring all associated information
  • SMR scheduling
  • Fleet reminders
  • Live vehicle off road data
  • Online access to the DVLA for licence checkingDriver History – Allocations and reallocations
  • Short term rental management
  • Exception control
  • Pence per mile and component burn rates
  • P11D management and reporting
  • Maintenance records and schedules
  • Driver communication
  • Cost management
  • Fuel management
  • Accident management
  • Detailed reporting on any aspect of fleet operation
  • Automated report delivery