Contract Purchase

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Contract Purchase

Contract Purchase is a product which is aimed at business customers who wish to make fixed monthly payments towards eventual ownership of a vehicle, whilst retaining the option to return the vehicle at the end of their contract.

An alternative to Contract Hire & Leasing, this product is ideal for companies who would like a high value vehicle and the option to purchase it at the end of the contract but do not want the associated depreciation risks.

With Contract Purchase a final payment in set in line with the expected value of the vehicle based on contract duration and your mileage requirements. Setting this final payment can lower monthly payments throughout the contract.

Key Features:

  • Future ownership of the vehicle (optional).
  • Option to return the vehicle if you choose to.
  • More cost effective for non VAT registered or organisations that are unable to recover VAT on leasing.
  • Choice of maintenance management products.

Our Partners

Total Motion partners itself with companies such as Lex,Leaseplan,Alphabet & Hitachi.