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What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and why is it so popular?

Personal Contract Hire, also referred to as PCH or personal leasing, is based on a fixed term contract where customers pay an agreed monthly rental for the use of a vehicle for an agreed length of time. PCH makes the use of a vehicle a lot more straightforward and affordable when compared to buying a car outright.

Personal Contract Hire

With a PCH agreement, you never own the vehicle, and after the agreed rental period, the vehicle is simply returned to the lender. Provided there is no excess mileage and the vehicle is returned in good condition, subject to fair wear and tear, there is nothing additional to pay. This means that throughout the life of the contract your payments are fixed, so it’s a great way of budgeting and even reducing your costs.

PCH is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience, a lot of people are put off buying and driving a new car because of large the upfront costs associated with it, however PCH eliminates this:


  • Flexible low initial payment
  • Fixed terms and mileage and monthly rentals
  • Flexible profiles to suit your requirements
  • You only pay for the use of the vehicle
  • At the end of your contract simply hand the vehicle back
  • Option of including maintenance for a fixed extra cost
  • No depreciation or disposal risks


  • Vehicle must be returned in a well maintained condition
  • Early termination can be expensive
  • You must have fully comprehensive vehicle insurance
  • You will never own the vehicle


Before the vehicle is handed back to us, we will send you an end of contract reminder and our sales team can support you in replacing your vehicle with a brand new one if you wish (a new application subject to credit acceptance will be performed).

If you’re interested in leasing a vehicle and you feel Personal Contract Hire could be the way forward for you, then please visit our website to view our latest offers, or call 0116 402 6500 and our sales team can go over things in more detail and help you find the perfect vehicle to suit your requirements.