Fleet Management Case Studies

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Fleet Management Case Studies

The following fleet management case studies are just some of the ways that Total Motion has helped clients reduce the cost and improve the management of their fleets. Our combined client cost improvement has now reached £290M and continues to grow.

CASE STUDY 01: Global Service Provider Reduces Leasing Costs by over £700,000.00 with Managed Funding

With a fleet of over 350 vehicles our client wanted to establish if they could reduce their vehicle leasing costs without it having a detrimental impact on their business or drivers. Historically, they sourced 3 quotes for each vehicle on a contract hire with full maintenance basis.
TOTAL MOTION analysed the fleet and implemented a Managed Funding structure based upon non maintenance contracts with a separate maintenance and management arrangement with TOTAL MOTION. So each time a vehicle was replaced the best quotation from over 15 providers was taken delivering a reduction in like for like monthly costs of £30 - £104.

CASE STUDY 02: Saving: £200,000 per year

We worked with a national construction services company with 80 cars and 270 commercial vehicles. Total Motion designed and implemented a new flexible fleet policy to suit the fluctuations of the business and improve the management of Servicing, Maintenance and Repair. This resulted in 30% of the fleet having the flexibility to be returned at any time reducing cost and operational improvement

CASE STUDY 03: Saving: $18,000,000 over two years

A global pharmaceutical business operating 15,000 vehicles in Europe, wanted to reduce operational costs and improve the way in which the fleet was managed by consolidating through one central location with a single operating procedure.
Over a 2 year period we delivered a centralised management facility, established uniform operating procedures throughout Europe and changed the suppliers delivering a cost saving in excess of $18,000,000.00

CASE STUDY 04: Saving: £228,000 in the first year

A global plc was running 3,000 cars, vans and HGVs in the UK. Total Motion reworked the whole fleet policy, moving the cars and vans to hybrid leases with shared profit maintenance and introducing sale and leaseback with pay on use maintenance for HGV’s. We also advised on fuel management, insurance and a cash for car scheme.

CASE STUDY 05: A Total Change

In 2007 Total Motion were asked by the Financial Director of a National Support Services with over 400 vehicles to completely re organise their fleet, the way it was managed and to implement a sustainable plan for the future to deal with:

  • Cost reduction and control
  • Resource
  • Road Risk and Health & Safety
  • Green Issues
  • Business requirements
  • Funding
  • Utilisation & Usage

Since 2007 we have reduced the cost of the fleet by over 35%, redirected all internal resources from fleet, established a complete fleet policy and operating process and put in place a 10 year plan for the fleet.

CASE STUDY 06: Reduced costs by £7M and resource hours by 9,000 in 17 months

A Healthcare provider with over 600 vehicles had a target to reduce fleet costs, improve compliance and minimise the resource allocated to their fleet. Over a 17 month period Total Motion re structured the fleet management and vehicle profile to deliver these savings.
Working closely with the senior management team we created and implemented a new and dynamic system that was able to meet both operational and cost requirements, supporting the entire business at every level and their customers and patients.

CASE STUDY 07: Savings over $13M Complete reorganisation, reduced internal resource by 97%

A global engineering and aerospace business with over 6,000 vehicles was looking to re organise their fleet and to create a uniform process across their business covering 31 countries.
This included:

As an FN50 Company Total Motion Vehicle & Fleet Management, we pride ourselves on our case studies as each reflects the potential savings and benefits we can provide to any company who require vehicle management. For any more information or for enquirers please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0116 251 1122, and a member of our team will be able to direct your call.