Fleet Management Benefits and Savings

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Fleet management benefits and savings

We save our clients, on average, more than 20% on the total cost of their fleet management.

This is delivered through:

  • Direct and indirect cost management
  • Resource
  • Operational improvements
  • CASE

    Reduce Leasing Costs by over £700,000 with Managed Funding.

  • Casestudy 1:

    With a fleet of over 350 vehicles our client wanted to establish if they could reduce their vehicle leasing costs without it having a detrimental impact on their business or drivers.

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  • CASE

    Save £200,000 per year with a ‘Flexible Fleet Policy’

  • Casestudy 2:

    A national construction services company ran 80 cars and 270 commercial vehicles. Total Motion designed and implemented a new flexible fleet policy, resulting in huge savings.

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  • CASE

    $18,000,000 Saved over two years.

  • Casestudy 3:

    A global pharmaceutical business operating 15,000 vehicles in Europe, wanted to reduce operational costs and improve the way in which the fleet was managed by consolidating through one central location with a single operating procedure.

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Below are the processes, tasks, products and services that can be included as part of our fleet management provision, all of which can be structured to meet your requirements:

  • Fleet administration
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance and management
  • Road risk and duty of care
  • Fleet policy development
  • P11D and P46 data provision
  • Driver support
  • Vehicle replacement and short term vehicles supply
This comprises:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Authorised vehicle and driver programme provision
  • Vehicle purchase and disposal management
  • Managed funding and vehicle finance administration
  • Fleet management benefits and savings evaluation
  • Consolidated invoicing
This covers:

  • Fuel policy
  • Fuel card administration
  • Fuel usage analysis and reporting
  • Fleet management benefits and savings evaluation
This includes:

  • Shared profit maintenance
  • Prism managed SMR
  • Tyre management
  • Batteries and exhausts checks and replacements
  • Driver support and management
  • Glass repair and replacement
  • Vehicle service monitoring and reminders
  • Service and repair booking and scheduling
  • MOT management
  • Fleet management benefits and savings provision
  • Recall and warranty management
  • Repair management
  • Cost and invoice verification
  • Mileage profiling
This comprises:

  • Policy and compliance management
  • Driver assessment and training
  • Vehicle monitoring – inspections (grey fleet and cash allowance)
  • Regular policy reviews and email updates on health and safety
  • Duty of care matters
  • Enforcement liaison
  • Managed software –fleet and road risk management system provision

This comprises:

  • Ongoing support and policy development
  • Fleet strategy and planning
This encompasses:

  • Renewals and reminders (RFL, MOTs)
  • Vehicle relicensing and registration
  • Recovery management
  • Fines and penalties management
  • Motor Insurance Database (MID) inputting and management
  • Vehicle storage and movements
  • Driving licence checking
  • Management reporting
  • Actual Whole Life Costs (AWLC) analysis
  • Usage and utilisation profiling
  • Accident and repair management
  • Cost control and monitoring
  • Environmental transport strategy and policy provision
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Mobile communications, tracking and navigation
  • Road toll and congestion charge processing and management
  • Parking charge management
  • End of lease/life inspections and pre-return/disposal preparation
This covers the provision of:

  • Dedicated driver support managers
  • Personalised driver support packs
  • 24 hour support
  • Web-based driver support system
  • Personalised general driver enquiry line and email service
  • Email and text communications as well as updates to drivers
This consists of:

  • A complete rental management service
  • The provision of hire vehicles across the UK and Europe
  • Rentals management to minimise cost and maximise efficiency
  • Bespoke reservations
  • A new starter and contractor programme
This covers:

  • The management of current suppliers and contracts
  • Products and services evaluation
  • Cost and charges verification
  • Contractual reviews and negotiation
  • Supplier change/transition
  • Fleet management benefits and savings evaluation
  • End of contract inspections, cleaning and repairs