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29 May 2014

Total Motion Launch Driver support Mobile App

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Earlier this month we launched the latest addition to our Fleet Driver Support Package – our driver support mobile application.  Total Motion clients have, for some time, been able to access vital driver support information via our web portal but now we have made this process even easier by introducing a mobile application which is compatible with Apple iPhones & iPads, as well as with Android based mobile phones & tablets.

The ‘driver support app’ allows the fleet drivers of Total Motion clients to access information specifically related to their company and vehicle, whilst out on the road. Information such as; What to do and who to call in the case of a breakdown or accident, Where to go for replacement tyres or windscreens, you can even book your vehicle in for a routine service via the app.

Have you downloaded the NEW Total Motion Driver support App for your mobile device?Click on one of the links below to access the app, or search for ‘TotalMotion’ from the ‘app store’ or ‘play store’

  Total Motion Android app on Google Play  download the android app directly Mobile App on Blackberry World

Once you have installed the app login using your usual username and password.
NOTE: The Total Motion App requires a username and password – you need to be a Total Motion client in order to obtain login details, please contact us for details.

28 May 2014

Start Thinking About Winter Tyres Now

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does your fleet of vehicles need michelin cold weather tyres

Click to view the Michelin guide to cold weather tyres for light vehicles (cars, vans & 4x4s)

We may not have had summer yet but it is now time to start thinking about winter and the cold weather for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.  If you think that you will need cold weather tyres to increase grip and braking performance then now is the time to place your order to avoid missing out when the cold weather arrives!

02 Apr 2014

More Photos from the LFactor

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We have a few more photos to show you now that the dust has settled on last Thursday’s terrific charity event, The LFactor – sponsored by Total Motion.

The LFactor Winners

The LFactor Winners, 2014

One of our favourites, the 70's pop sensations

One of our favourites, the 70’s pop sensations

LFactor Leicester sponsored by Total Motion Fleet Management

And if you still haven’t seen the promo video take a look whist you can, if you were at the event I’m sure you’ll see plenty of familiar faces.

28 Mar 2014

LFactor Raises Over £50k

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Ginge & Chunky - winners of the LFactorCongratulations and well done to the team behind the LFactor, Leicester’s own musical talent contest that was held last night at the city’s O2 arena.  Over £50,000 was raised for 2 very good causes and Total Motion were proud to be a part of the event.

The staff of Total Motion Fleet Management had a great night. We each had our favourite act but would all like to congratulate ‘Ginge & Chunky’, from the Fire Brigade, who were worthy winners on the night with their version of an Elton John classic which was performed brilliantly.

Richard the Third - at home in LeicesterThe comperes for the evening, Chutes and Nico, and all of the judges were also on top form but a special mention must go to King Richard who sat on the judging panel and demonstrated that he really is at home in Leicester and doesn’t want to move ‘Up North’. With some great critical analysis King Richard was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!




21 Mar 2014

L Factor Less Than 1 Week Away

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It’s Friday and now with less than a week to go until the L Factor, Total Motion have started the party early! We wish all the competitors a good weekend and can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

Lfactor 1 week to go

19 Mar 2014

Total Motion Revs Up For The LFactor

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Total Motion support the LFactorThe Total Motion band known as Tots Mowsh have started to flex their muscles in support of the LFactor – the live tribute show based on the iconic TV series, the ‘X’ Factor.  The event will showcase some of the finest bands  ever to come from corporate organisations based around Leicestershire.

The Total Motion team are looking sharp for the LFactor, whilst not performing (this year) they will be on stage in spirit and supporting the real performers!

Show your support for the LFactor by buying a ticket for the event, which will be held on Thursday 27th March at the O2 Academy in Leicester.

The event is being held in order to raise funds for two worthwhile causes, ‘The Lord’s Taverners’ & Leicester based ‘Warning Zone’. Find out more about the charities at the LFactor website – www.lfactorleicester.co.uk

14 Mar 2014

Total Motion Provide Vehicle For Tony Jacklin

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bmw-from-fleet-management-company This week Total Motion handed Tony Jacklin the keys to a top of the range BMW which he will be using during his current stay in the UK.  We are pleased to provide this service to Tony, who is here for the spring and summer and will be using the vehicle to travel to his various engagements across the country.  The car comes from our fleet of vehicles and we are sure that it will be perfect for Tony’s requirements.

Tony Jacklin had a fabulous professional golfing career, winning two major golf tournaments and captaining a winning Ryder Cup team, as well as winning it four time in total – he is a true legend of British golf.  These days, Tony continues to play the pro am circuit, and also makes himself available for after dinner speaking and various other media work, both here and in the United States.


06 Mar 2014

Are Your Company Cars Being Driven Well? Advice For Fleet Managers

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There are so many things for fleet managers to consider, that how well your cars or commercial vehicles are being driven may be something that you push to the back of your mind. With company car tax, environmental considerations, changing staff and maintenance issues to think about, driver training and good road practice can all too often be overlooked. Nevertheless, ensuring that your drivers are conducting themselves well on the road has several important implications.

Even in vehicles which are not liveried in your company’s logo, for example, employees who are on the road in a fleet vehicle represent your brand. Poor driving, discourteous motoring and lazy manoeuvring can all annoy members of the public and clients, thus dragging your brand’s reputation down. Equally, drivers who don’t take proper care of their vehicles can end up devaluing them, over time. If they have an accident, then you can expect your insurance premiums to rise. Therefore, keeping an eye on your fleet and how well it is being driven is something that most managers should take notice of.

A good way of making a simple assessment over how well company cars, for example amongst a team of sales reps, is being looked after is to inspect them when they come to the head office for a meeting. Some drivers will have their cars in tip-top condition ready to make a good impression at their next appointment. After all, that’s why you issue a sales team with prestigious cars, isn’t it? A quick survey in the car park will reveal which ones are unkempt and unwashed. These are the drivers to keep a closer eye on and to check for other signs of wear and tear.

If you’re in United Kingdom, buy your tyres from an expert dealership like point-s.co.uk, this way, when you check them for excessive wear – perhaps because the driver has been pulling away in an irresponsible manner by flooring it every time – you will know that any wear is not down to other factors, such as cheaper compounds or poor fitting. Equally, if one of your drivers is changing his tyres at a greater frequency than others who do a similar mileage, it might be time to have a word with him and to encourage him to pull away more gently in future.

Remember to respond to complaints from the public and investigate anything that might be reported to you. If you have a commercial fleet, then add a number on the back of each vehicle that people can report poor driving on. It doesn’t need to be manned. A voicemail system will do. Reports of poor driving can help you to identify drivers that are not respecting their company vehicle as they might and it can also help you to identify an individual who is not where he had claimed to be at the time.

Most drivers of fleet vehicles are conscientious and treat the vehicle they have been issued with respect. As such, there’s no need to go overboard with surveillance. However, a few inspections here and there and the occasional hint that drivers are being monitored is usually enough to make sure that problem are dealt with before they become real headaches.

03 Mar 2014

Prestige Brands face Dilemma over Sales V Image & RVs

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The main premium brand manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes face a significant dilemma around maintaining sales volumes in the short term over long term profitability, image and brand position.

Over the last 14 months we have experienced previously unseen levels of discounts from these manufacturers as they attempt to maintain European sales volumes through increased volumes in the UK.

This has meant customers could lease a premium brand car with a list price of £41000 for less than a mass volume production family saloon with a list price of £22000.

While there are many short term benefits for the manufacturers and the wider economy we are now entering uncharted waters, as never before has the fleet market seen such a pricing position.

Early indications from the used car market are showing that residual values are starting to soften significantly.

Fleet decision makers need to consider the impact of these actions both now and for the next 8-10 years as failure to deal with it properly will lead to large increases in fleet costs. Total Motion are able to offer advice on these decisions, in order to find the right solution for each individual company.

12 Feb 2014

L Factor Video

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Have you seen the L Factor video yet?
Filmed at some of Leicester’s many landmarks including; The Clock Tower, Welford Road (The Tigers Rugby Stadium), The Space Centre and The Town Hall Square it offers a great snapshot of Leicester City and it’s people. There is even a guest star appearance from King Richard himself!

I’m not sure if the backing track to the movie holds any clues as to what to expect on the night of the L Factor competition – which will be a singing/band competition, hosted at the Leicester O2 Academy, on March 27th. We will have to wait and see.

Find out more about the L Factor event and Total Motion’s backing by viewing our previous blog post at Total Motion Sponsor The L Factor

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